Enter the world of industrial Ozzammar. The realm is at peace.

Bastonne was founded centuries ago by Kerderk Foechuckle. It served as a den of scum and villainy where the rule of kings and emperors would not impede good business. It is now governed by different “Bosses” who control the tightly packed streets and canals.

In the North, the Neander rule from Snowbound. They have colonized the Mass valley, with the well engineered city of Grand Mass, on the banks of Mass Lake. The also rule over the Duchy of Oldenberg.

Breach has been ruled by religious zealots since the death of the king that brought the city freedom, Rygar. They are a secretive people, but rumor has it they plan to go on a great crusade.

The Westfold is ruled by many lesser lords, chief among them, House Sinter. Lawlessness takes hold in between the many small towns and holds.

Hyperion, the old capital, is one of the most industrialized cities in Ozzammar and still serves as the heart and soul of the realm.

Modern Ozzammar


Legacy of Ozzammar

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