Dutch Greywind

Prince of The North Star, First son of the Neander, the Builder


Dutch Greywind, seventh of his name was born in the year 900 of the Second Age. Son of the mighty Shasta Greywind, Dutch was slighter in build, but retained much of his fathers height. It is said his mother was a human female, but she had disappeared before Dutch’s 3rd birthday.

Dutch’s early years were a tumultuous time. The nomadic nature of the Neander constantly had them on the move, and Dutch’s upbringing was often in a thrown together tent, or a burnt out building of a conquered village. Shasta cared little of childcare and Dutch would find himself reading the majority of his days away.

When Dutch was five, the Neander Horde came upon the great northern city of Anchorhead, a former Great Republic port. The city was flanked by an island monastery, in which the great wizard Alezzandor was studying at the time. The wizard was taken hostage by Shasta, but took an immediate liking to the barbarian’s literate son, Dutch. The wizard became an unofficial tutor to the young dwarf, imparting knowledge of ancient histories and various feats of engineering as well as the newest technologies from the south. Dutch soon surpassed his mentor in many of these studies, but lacked the gift of magic his mentor had searched for in him.

By the time the Horde had reached The North Star, Dutch was 13 and Alezzandor was hardly ever in irons, trusted by the Neander by all except Shasta. Dutch put his knowledge of siege strategy and equipment to good use, and was able to compliment the might of his father in taking the fortress that had never been conquered before. The Neander pushed south, but were met by ambassadors of Ozzammar, and a peace was brokered. Dutch spent time to understand the herd structure of the mammoths that occupied the valley, and took to domesticating them to be used for construction as well as war.

The arrangement made with King Gerder of Ozzammar was to aid the coalition of man in fighting in the Great Crusade. Now Lord Shasta lead the Ozzammar host far south in a war that would take many years. Dutch perfected war mammoth tactics in this war, still being too small to wage effective combat on foot. Dutch’s mammoths lead the heavy cavalry in the storied battle of Alamaida. The next day, a stable boy named Sebastian ended the war by fighting the famed Gargantua in single combat.

Upon returning to Ozzammar, Dutch was 18 and began building various civil structures to reinforce an otherwise warlike Neander people. The Neander Academy and Alezzandor’s Labrynth were built in this time. Dutch also participated in tournaments, often finishing in the top 5 among the realm in the sword.

Dutch Greywind

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