Lord Ozzammar

Ancient Dwarf


Hailing from a far off continent, far across the sea to the west, Lord Ozzammar was the first dwarf. Claiming to be the son of Kord, Ozzammar crossed the sea aboard a beautifully crafted boat made of pure gold, with his two younger brothers, Orion and Osiris.

Upon reaching the land now known as Ozzammar, Oz and his younger brother Orion quickly began to partition off the continent as their own. Osiris did not partake, as he was not granted the need of conquest that plagued his older brothers. Ozzammar claimed the northernmost parts of the continent, building a magnificent stronghold The North Star. Orion built his castle among three rocky spires at the very southernmost point of the continent, Orion’s Belt.

Ozzammar fought against his brother for hundreds of years, until he came into the possession of a great power. He undid magic across the land with this tool Ozzammar’s Bane, and also used it to seal off Gard, a powerful ancient dragon and the god of death.

Ozzammar died sometime after this and it is not known what became of him. There are reports of his return in the form of a ghostly angel of Kord. The Greywind clan claims direct male lineage to Ozzammar, using this as a claim for rightful rule over the whole continent of Ozzammar.


Lord Ozzammar

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