Modern Ozzammar


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It’s been 350 years since the Age of Heroes (our last playthrough). Much has happened since. Aurora set up colonies along the eastern coast exploding the populations of Hyperion and Oldenberg. Dragonborn immigrants took to the vast swathes of desert in the Western Territories. Tieflings first settled the south of the continent, mainly in Cornwall and Bastonne. Bastonne later attracted many races and became the most diverse melting pot. The Neander colonized as far south as The Ostermark, building the great city of Grand Mass with its stone walls, stone harbor, and great steam works. This lead to a strong dwarven presence to the city. The treents (ents) rose up in Breech and struck out eastward establishing farms and the town of Market Station. Halflings settled Orion’s Belt, bringing with them great mercantile knowledge.

200 years ago, the Eladrin kingdoms combined into the Eladrin Sultanate and became to conquer the whole southern continent. Through the use of orc mercenaries then were able to push across Orion’s Belt razing the city to the ground, afterward building Fort Orion over the decimated city. Many Auroran colonists fled the industrializing cities into the great forests to hide from these new technologies. These Aurorans have now been rebranded Wood Elves, living off the land in the tradition way of the elves.
Today, the Auroran Republic and Tiefling Raj look to colonize Ozzammar from far away. A small scale invasion took place 12 years ago of Giants from an unknown realm. They landed across the Western coasts and decimated the local peoples. When it became apparent that the Sultan would not defend them, the people of Ozzammar’s provinces formed local armies and groups to combat the threat. The Western Territories hold these battles especially important. The invasion was decisively repelled when the siege of Breech was lifted by the combined armies of Ozzammar, spear-headed by militia of the Westfold.

Many older soldiers served in some way during these times and now serves as a spark towards a realm-wide identity of Ozzammar. fantasy-city-v2.jpg

Modern Ozzammar

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