Legacy of Ozzammar

Legacy Campaign

The fate of modern Ozzammar is in your hands.

Session Summary 4/8/17

Our story begins in the Braying Mule Inn, nestled in the streets of Hyperion. Amadeas Fink, a Goblin Engineer and Dain, a Dwarven Brawler, share a drink at the bar after a long day at the Hyperion Engineering Summit. They are soon joined by Rhogar, an aging Dragonborn Palidin and his Elven Ranger squire, Theiberos, who seek a drink and a warm bed on their journey to find adventure. Also present is Oba Do, a so-called War Weaver, who is in search of those he may be able to help. The adventurers introduce themselves over drinks. Dain sucker-punches Bergo, an innocent bystander.

The calm atmosphere of the bar soon erupts in turmoil as a shifty, inexplicably Oriental, gentleman by the name of Jebediah implores the crew to aid him in defending against forces sent by the Sultan. They oblige his request and take up arms. Rhogar takes a vicious hit early in the battle, but shrugs it off and cuts down two of the Sultans men. Fink finds a bottle of highly-potent Nitrol and hurls it into the fray. In an attempt to give Dain enough time to flee the resulting pool of Nitrol, he attempts to only ignite the outer edge of the puddle. The result was a massive fireball, catching both friend and foe on fire. Dain did not seem to mind. The fumes also formed a cloud of noxious gas, poisoning all those caught in it and shrouding the battle. Eventually the last enemy fell and the day was saved. Except for the innocent bystander earlier punched by Dain, who foolishly tried to attack him and was engulfed in flames.

Safe for the moment, Jebediah gives Fink an envelope containing intelligence on the Sultan’s forces and asks them to deliver it to the city of Grand Mass. After some deliberation, the adventurers agree to the job and set out, leaving the smoldering Braying Mule Inn behind them.

Encounter Highlights

Most Kills: Rhogar 3

Notable deaths: Bergo



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