The Realm of Ozzammar

18110374_1509638499048648_1686734871_o.jpgh2. Founding of Ozzammar

Ozzammar was a land forged by the great smith god Moradin. The first to discover this land was the namesake, Lord Ozzammar, father of the dwarfs. He and his brothers ruled the land for hundreds of years until Ozzammar died mysteriously. Orion passed shortly thereafter, following a life of hatred and envy for his brothers domain. It was only the youngest brother, Osiris, who saw the land pass into the hands of humans.
Ozzammar while alive, used an ancient relic to rid the realm of widespread and more powerful forms of magic. This limited Osiris’ ability to fend off the kings of man, and shortly thereafter, the Tower of Osiris was besieged and burned. The body of the youngest brother was never found. Thus ended the Age of Legends (First Age).

The Age of Man (Second Age)

With the dwarfs either killed or banished to north of The North Star, the realm was ruled by man. Modern written history begins at this point, and the year in which all subsequent years are measured from the coronation of the first High King of Ozzammar, Gelkor the Great.

Gelkor ruled from his in Cornade (modern day Oldenberg), and his rule extended all the way west to the Western Mountains, south to Cornwall, and north to The North Star. The realms of the west remained wild and uninhabitable during this time, and Orion’s belt was considered haunted, and remained abandoned.

The capital of the realm was moved to Fallcrest Island in the year 707.

The Neander Invasion

Great houses traded control of the realm as a whole until the time of King Gronn Gerder the Wise. In the year 913, a force of barbaric dwarves besieged The North Star and threatened the whole realm. Led by Shasta Greywind, a dwarf so large that no horse could bear his weight, the siege went on for 10 months. The besieging force finally broke through with the surprising use of state of the art catapults and trebuchets. Caught off guard, the defenders fled across the whole north and the Neander settled other cities such as Greywater and Snowbound. King Gerder brokered a truce with the Neander, and made them lords of the north as long as they bent the knee to him. King Shasta, quickly running short of supplies, agreed.

The Crusade

In 914 the harsh deserts far to the Southeast of Ozzammar, a local dispute became an international affair when the assassination of a king lead to two kingdoms going to war. The war escalated, using dark magic and summoning demons from the other planes. A coalition was formed and all of Ozzammar joined the other kingdoms of men in the fight. In this massive war, many gained noteriety, including the great swordsman Seb Sixswords, Prince Dutch Greywind, and Zam Merrick of Orion’s Belt. The war lasted 5 years.

New Kings

Fathering two sons, the Gerder line seemed poised to continue a firm rule for another generation. However, the eldest son was killed on an expedition of the ruins of Ul-Rooku, and the youngest, killed in a tournament melee by a knight claiming allegiance to the Great Trade Empire.

King Gerder fell into poor health, and the Tears of the Mountain were to be obtained by a group of adventurers. Gerder never received the treatment, and died shortly after, throwing the kingless realm into chaos in 920.

Immediately after the death of the king, the knights that surrounded him began searching the far reaches of his family tree for the rightful heir. The closest of which being Gronn Gerder of Garden. A shrewd businessman at even a young age, he was projected to be a great ruler for the realm, but was assassinated during his coronation by mob leader Cappa Horn. His last known location was being in critical condition in the highest tower in Fallcrest. His sister Elia was later chosen as the rightful heir, but was not recognized by other prominent houses.

Shasta declared himself King of the North, and adopted Snowbound as his capital. As was customary in the time after Gerder, they ousted the Great Trade Empire from Oldtown, and captured it as their own.

Rygar slayed the Great Trade Empire governor in Breach, leading to the Orange Revolution in Breach, leading to an independent kingdom and ridding the realm of the Great Trade Empire.

Elia, was raised to queen, and renamed her capital Hyperion. As a barren women, she adopted the son of realm hero Haldir “Kingmaker” Alderan, thus bringing the reign of the Alderan dynasty with Harkon.

Confederation of Ozzammar

Peace took hold (year 923) and the realm sat in the hands of three rulers.

King Shasta the Mighty, Leader of the Neander People, First of his name, King of the North

Queen Elia, Queen of Ozzammar Proper, Ruler of the East, Ruler of the West, Ruler of the Belt.
(Note, no heirs, but is in close relationship with Haldir)

Lord Torvus, Steward to the throne in the west.
Future King Ryland, son of Rygar, King of Breach and Ruler in the west.

(Note, Queen Elia claims Ruler OF the west, while Rygar’s line claims Ruler IN the west.)

This hegemony held for the next 300 years.

The Realm of Ozzammar

Legacy of Ozzammar KingDutch